A downloadable escape for Windows

Jim: Broke, no job and desperate. Luckily, a friend recommends he joins a new game show, where he can win $10,000! This is perfect for him, so he signs up! I mean it is  just a gameshow, what could go wrong...

WASD - move

Mouse - Look

Left Mouse Button - Interact/shoot

Interact with the environment to see what happens...


Known bug: When clicking on the doll house or otherwise transitioning between levels, don't move - you might end up in the void, which is NOT actually intended. (Srsly.)

Install instructions

Download and extract everything from the zip file and then click on the file with the game logo on it, thanks for downloading!


buildv8.zip 46 MB


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The graphics are very nice and I like the idea, but the execution isn't too great. The FOV is way too zoomed in and there are a lot of bugs, I phased through a couple of walls. A warning about having your sound on might be nice too. This isn't a bad idea - far from it, but its waaaay too ambitious for a game jam.